Vision Beneath Light

Sono lieto e orgoglioso di pubblicare su questo blog l’interessante e, com’è costume del professor Tom Sherman, provocatorio saggio sul futuro dell’arte. Ringrazio Tom per avermi concesso di proporre il suo scritto agli amici di FP.


by Tom Sherman

In 1995 I began writing a text called “Thoughts from the Antechamber” (on the future of art). It was a controversial, polarizing text among private readers and was eventually rejected by a couple of hard copy magazines for its politically incorrect observations and for a series of other perhaps unavoidable misunderstandings. Its only public exposure came when it was adopted as a “curatorial statement” for a show, Temple of the Third Millennium, organized by Graham Crawford for Urban Exile in Sydney, Australia, and was published on their now defunct web-site in January 1996. I begin the substance of this muse by quoting from the last endnote of this earlier text:

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