No Life in Serbia

Jasmina Tesanovic, nota attivista, film maker e giornalista serba, fornisce sul suo blog la sua lettura del terribile episodio di cronaca nera che ha sconvolto la Serbia pochi giorni fa, quando un uomo di 60 anni, Milorad Veljovic, ha sterminato 13 persone, abitanti a Velika Ivanca, non lontano da Belgrado.

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He woke at five in the morning with a gun in his hand. There is no life for us anymore, he said.

Then this man, sixty years old, an exemplary father and husband, “a hard and diligent worker, a citizen”, shot his son. He shot his sleepy and dumbfounded wife, who had scarcely understood his last declaration.

He continued his armed assault by opening the doors of the neighboring homes of his close relations. He shot them in their heads as they slept. All in all, he shot thirteen victims, including his mother and a child of two.

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